the   office of Controller of finance

                 Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

                    Sector-16 C, Dwarka Delhi – 110078



F.No./IPU/Accts./2017-18/                                                                                                   Dated: 11.10.2017



Subject: - Refund of fee on a/c withdrawal of Admission 2017-18


In pursuance to the course wise sanction orders issued by Academic Branch, the refund of fees on a/c withdrawal of admission against online and spot counseling to those students, who had applied earlier on or before 14th august 2017, have been processed by A/c Branch of the university with the direction to its bank for further transferred the refundable amount in the bank details of concerned students at the earliest


The course wise list of such students are annexed hear under.


Name of Course

SO No & Date



List of Refund of B.Com

1660 dt 04/10.17

1661 dt 04/10.17

B.Com(online & Spot)


List of Refund of B.Ed

1668 dt 04/10.17

1669 dt 04/10.17

B.Ed (online & Spot)


List of Refund of B.Tech

1657 dt 04/10.17

1659 dt 04/10.17

B.Tech (online & Spot)


List of Refund of BBA

1662 dt 04/10.17

1663 dt 04/10.17

BBA  (online & Spot)


List of Refund of BCA

1674 dt 04/10.17

1675 dt 04/10.17

BCA (online & Spot)


List of Refund of BJMC

1670 dt 04/10.17

1671 dt 04/10.17

BJMC  (online & Spot)


List of Refund of LE-B.Tech

1658 dt 04/10.17

1656 dt 04/10.17

LE-B.Tech (online & Spot)


List of Refund of LLB

1664 dt 04/10.17

1665 dt 04/10.17

LLB (online & Spot)


List of Refund of MBA

1672 dt 04/10.17

1673 dt 04/10.17

MBA (online & Spot)


List of Refund of MCA

1666 dt 04/10.17

1667 dt 04/10.17

MCA (online & Spot)


The due amount is expected to be remitted   in the given bank details of concerned students latest by 16th October, 2017 positively


In case of non- receipt of the same, the concern students, as mentioned above list, may feel free to call at 01125302211/10/02 or visit in the Accounts Branch to meet with Mr Varun or undersigned alogwith requisite documents



(Vijendra Singh)

Assistant Registrar (F&A)

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1.      JR, Academic for information

2.      In-charge, Server Room – for uploading on University Website

3.      PS to C.O.F.