Ccomplaint Procedures

Procedure of complaint handling related to the Computers, Peripherals and Networking:

  1. The Complaint Form is available below in the PDF & DOC file format. The hard copy of Complaint Form can also be obtained from UCITIM office.
  2. The completely filled form, duly signed by the user and respective Dean of the School/ Head of the branch may be submitted to UITS Office.
  3. The complaint will be resolved within two working days.
  4. Additional time may required, if there is a need of replacement / upgradation of hardware equipment , replacement of the UPS batteries etc.
  5. The complaint may also be sent through Online Complaints.

Complaint Proforma: A Complaint may be submitted in a given proforma to the office of UITS

(1) PDF (2) DOC

  Complaint handling procedure:

  • A complaint form need to forward to Head of UITS.
  • Shorting of Complaints are done into
    • General Complaints / Hardware / Antivirus Complaints
    • Printer Complaints
    • UPS Complaints
    • Internet/Intranet Complaints
  • General Complaints / Hardware /Antivirus/Printer/Internet Complaints are given to :
    • Hardware Engineer
    • Antivirus Engineer
    • Printer Engineer
    • Network Engineer
  • The Computers Hardware /Antivirus / Printer / Internet Complaints problems which is under AMC are given to respective company else to private vender on payment basis.
  • UPS Complaints are given to either AMC Companies or Private vender to solve these complaints on the basis of payment

For any query, kindly contact UITS Office.