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Notice for Admission 2021, USBAS

The University School of Basic and Applied Sciences (USBAS) at GGS IP University is one of the first schools of the University and was established in 1999 and developed in the early years of the University. As GGS IP University assumed its unique role as an affiliating cum teaching university for the Delhi NCR region for technical education, the USBAS played a key role in supporting technical programmes of various schools of study of GGS IP University. The basic sciences lie at the heart of technical and applied sciences and represent the bedrock on which they firmly stand. Physics, chemistry and mathematics along with the life sciences form the backbone of science and technical education. Basic science develops scientific knowledge and predictions, seeks answers to fundamental questions and natural phenomena - these form the scientific foundations for applied science.

The underlying theme and ethos of the USBAS is to nurture a platform where there is plenty of scope for excellence in teaching basic and applied science both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as support a conducive ambiance for world class research. As a school we choose to put both knowledge and understand-ing at the forefront of all our endeavours involving the basic and applied sciences. Basic science research is a necessary precursor to almost all applied science and in-stances of innovation. We as a school realize that there are both practical reasons and poetic reasons to study the basic sciences. While our practical approaches help in bringing about positive changes and technological solutions, address poverty and disease, reduce pollution, make the world a safer, easier and sustainable place, our poetic reasons delve deep into the joy of understanding. Our teaching and research help our students to use their minds to think clearly and pay careful attention to see the meaning of things. An understanding mind leads to insights and wonderful ideas to uplift our world.

In keeping with these values, our research programmes combine the best of both fundamental and applied sciences: theoretical physics and studies in high energy physics, foundations of quantum mechanics, quantum information, solar photovoltaics, renewable energy, nanomaterials, thermoelectrics, differential geometry, fuzzy logic, non linear dynamics, applied mathematics, multifunctional materials, ion beam technology, mesoscopic condensed matter physics, quantum heterostructures, medicinal and natural products chemistry, photocatalysis, drug delivery and nanocomposites, to name a few. We also hope to offer innovative and world class teaching programmes propelled by the expertise of our highly experienced and competent faculty.

Our Teaching Programmes and Activities in USBAS and other USS:

Ph. D. Programmes Post Graduate Programmes Under Graduate Programmes
Chemistry (USBAS) M.Tech (Engineering Physics) B.Tech (IT) - (USICT)
Mathematics (USBAS) M.Tech (Nanoscience and Technology) B.Tech (CSE) - (USICT)
Physics (USBAS)   B.Tech (ECE) - (USICT)
B.Tech (CT) - (USCT)
B.Tech (BCE) - (USCT)
B.Tech (BT) - (USBT)


Contact- Ph.- 01125302400, 412