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An inter-disciplinary school with a difference, USHSS enjoys a unique status within the overall academic scheme of the University. Having a distinct entity as University School of Study, it straddles across other University schools . Through its academic inputs it empowers the learners-scholars-professionals to systematically understand and reflect on social, political, cultural, economic structures and processes and hence endeavors to expand their professional vision. The school is committed to provide an interdisciplinary and integrative pedagogical interface to learners so as to nurture them into complete and competent human beings.

VISION: - To foster integrative inquiry, research and creative professional activities, by unitiing faculty and students in acquiring and applying knowledge in clinical, community and professional settings.

MISSION: - USHSS offers intellectually stimulating courses/programmes that reflect the inter-related nature of the individual disciplines as well as the world around us. To this effect, it offers a plethora of courses to professional students that enhance their understanding of the society and culture in which they live, and enable them to obtain skills that can lead to successful and enriching careers. They are exposed to humanities and social sciences' contexts with a view to equip them with holistic values implicit in technological and professional options; to appreciate their social surroundings; and to communicate effectively.

PROGRAMMES: - USHSS offers M.Phil. & Ph.D. in English literature and Culture Studies. It also offers Post Graduate programmes in English (MA) and Economics (MA), apart from specific need-based courses in communication-skills and social sciences at graduate and post-graduate levels to various University School(s).

The Department of Economics, USHSS is designed to impart a rigorous and comprehensive Masters and PhD programme in Economics. The programme stands par with the international standards on both academic and professional fronts. The comprehensiveness of the graduate programme comprehends a full dissertation course as a manifestation of application of theoretical knowledge. A graduate student also possesses required augmentation on major statistical software for the purpose of analytical research. We also provide hands on experience on statistical software like STATA, R and others, which provide students an edge in opportunities for placement and higher studies. The department’s economic Society, Encore and an actively working placement cell provide the students with a holistic development and an on-campus placement prospect. The Department also acts as a parent department for the Bachelor’s course in Economics offered at the Affiliated Colleges of the University.