ADMISSION / CET : 2018-19: PGMC Courses

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Notices / Circulars File Format
Uploading / Updation
Schedule of 2nd Counselling in PGMC (i.e. MD-MS-Diploma) in GGSIP University for academic session 2018-19 PDF 20-04-18
Vacant Seats after 1st Counselling in PGMC for academic session 2018-19 PDF 05-04-18
List of Candidates registered for participation in Counselling in PGMC for session 2018-19 PDF 04-04-18
List of Registered Candidates after receipt of representations/ discrepancy PDF 03-04-18
Notice-Conduct of 1st Counselling in PGMC (CET Code-102) for GGSIPU in affiliated medical colleges of GGSIPU for session 2018-19 PDF 03-04-18
Schedule of Counselling for admission in PGMC (i.e. MD-MS- Diploma) in GGSIP University for Academic Session 2018-19 PDF 28-03-18
Notice regarding Admission in PGMC Programmes (MD/MS/Diploma) for Academic Session 2018-19

List-1- Tentative list of Registered Candidates passing the qualifying degree (MBBS) from GGSIPU as per Details submitted

List-2- Tentative list of Registered Candidates passing qualifying degree (MBBS) as per submitted details from Other than GGSIPU, Not eligible for admissons

list-3- Tentative list of Registered Applicants with Discrepancy-Incomplete Details
List 1

List 2

List 3