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Title/Notices Uploading Date
NIT - Annual Maintenance of RO Water Purification System in Academic Area and Ancillary Location (2018-19) 18-07-2018
NIT-Minor Addition Alternation 18-07-2018
NIT-Operation and Maintenance of Water Supply System 18-07-2018
NIQ- Supply of the Kbr Pellet Dye Set 11-07-2018
NIT- Conversion of Boys Hostel Room in to Warden Hostel at BH-I and BH-II 11-07-2018
nit- ARMO of 11 KV Sub-Station 09-07-2018
nit-: Minor Addition Alternation 09-07-2018
Purchase of Wolfram Mathematica Software on Proprietary Basis - Inviting Quotations / Comments 29-06-2018
Purchase of software on proprietary basis - Inviting Comments 28-06-2018
NIT - Annual Comprehensive Maintenance of inbuilt RO System in Boys and Girls Hostels (2018-19) 19-06-2018
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