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Centre for Human Values and Ethics

International Conference on 'Identity Assertions and Conflicts in South Asia'

November 2 - 4 2015

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The International Conference on 'Identity Assertions and Conflicts in South Asia' has been conceptualized with a view to bring together eminent scholars and researchers to debate and deliberate on critical and important issues related to Identity Assertions and Conflicts in South Asia. At a time when our world witnesses everyday bloodshed and violence for identities and homelands, the importance of this theme can hardly be overemphasized. Indeed, the space for open discussion and debate on this crucial issue seems not just imperative but an absolute necessity. South Asia shares a common history, culture and the legacy of colonialism. Post-colonial South Asia has to confront the challenges of modernity, in the midst of virulent fundamentalism. The modern state system has many pressure groups, with a varying degree of influence on state politics. Many South Asian states are facing problems from different fundamental groups posing a threat of subversion within. Such destabilizing forces are affecting the entire region, straining the socio-political fabric of these countries. The conference will attempt to discuss critical issues, providing a platform, wherein scholars from different disciplines within South Asia come together to provide an understanding of the issue of identity assertions, reasons for resistance, nature of resistance, and conflicts and the way to go forward. The conference will focus on the following main themes: Borders, Nation(s) and Identity; Race, Ethnicity and Identity; Gender and Identity; Identity Politics and Fundamentalism; Language, Regionalism and Identity; Memory, Narratives and Identity; Resistance and Identity; Transcending Identity.

The conference will feature invited talks by a panel of eminent national and international speakers.
The organizers also welcome participation from researchers and scholars who work in and are interested in the theme of the conference

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Registrations will be done for a maximum of fifty participants
Registration Fee: Rs. 500