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Vision: To become an internationally recognized centre for education and research.

Mission: To provide the students with the best career prospects in the global market and to equip them to become effective professionals.

With reference to Order F.No. IPU/JR(C)/41th AC/2016/161, Dated: 25-07-2016, the University School of Information & Technology and University School of Engineering and Technology merged. The name of new school after merger of aforesaid Schools is University School of Information, Communication and Technology.

The University School of Information, Communication & Technology has been established to design and implement courses with a twin objective of generating effective professionals and to keep pace with the R & D activities of this fast emerging and changing field of Information & Communication Technology. The school aims at inculcating essential skills as demanded by the global software industry, through the interactive learning process. This includes team-building skills, audio-visual presentations and personality development programmes. These enhance analytic and communication skills, besides inculcating the virtues of self-study.


The School was set up with an aspiration to generate manpower, with the ability to take on challenges and fare forward in the realm of Information & Communication Technology. The Curriculum has been designed to cater to the ever changing demands of information, communication technology, with the necessary inputs from the Industry. The School has highly qualified & experienced faculty who excel in their respective areas. The School also encourages research work in various areas of information & communication technology. The school aspires to produce individuals equipped to contribute for progress at all levels: individual, national and global.