Cancellation / Re-Admission

Admission 2018 | Admission Branch

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Title/Notices Uploading Date
Cancellation of Admission of the student for B.Tech. Programme 02-11-2018
Cancellation of Admission in various programme 02-11-2018
Cancellation of Admission in various programmes 01-11-2018
Re-Admission of BBA Student in Session 2016-17 31-10-2018
Cancellation / Termination of registration of Ms. Jyoti Singh, Enrol No. 0176091117 30-10-2018
Cancellation / Deletion of Admission of students in BA.LLB 26-10-2018
Re-Admission of students in B.Tech. Programme at various institutes 11-10-2018
Cancellation of Final Registration in respect of Ms. Viniti Nagar, USEM 09-10-2018
Cancellation of Admission in B.Tech-MAIT 25-09-2018
Cancellation of Admission in B.Tech -USICT 11-07-2018
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