Misc. Orders / Circulars

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Result of Students Election 2023,USHSS
Ozone Day on theme - Montreal Protocol: Fixing the Ozone layer and reducing climate change
Circular regarding issues of Stray Dogs in the University as per Animal Act
Result of Upgradation/Change of Stream of the Students in the Engineering programme on the basis of their performance in 1st Semester effective in the 3rd Semester of the Students Admitted in the Academic Session 2022-23
Participation in Meri Maati Mera Desh campaign launched by the Govt of India
Circular - Flag Post in front of the Administrative Block of the University Campus on 15th Aug. 2023
Advisory for prevention and control of vector Borne Diseases (Dengue, Chikanguaniya and Malaria)
Circular - Measurement for prevention and control of vector Borne Diseeases (Dengue, Chikanguaniya and Malaria)
Order for University Employees
Order - University School of Architecture Planning will be operational from Surajmal Vihar East Campus of GGSIPU from Academic Session 2023-24
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