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Various Application Form for Examination related activities
Application Forms (1) Certified Copy of Evaluated Answer Sheet, (2) Inspection of Evaluated Answer Sheet, (3) Rechecking of Evaluated Answer Sheet
Amendment in the Regulation for Grace Marks in the University Examinaitons
Notification regarding approved amendment w.r.t. Inspection of Answer Sheet and Providing Certified Copy of Evaluated Answer Sheet
Notification regarding approved amendment - Ordinance 11 Clause 11.3 (vi), Ordinance 10 Clause 11.3 (vi)
Notification regarding Remuneration to the staff deployed for Practical Examination - End Term / Annual / Supplementary
Notification regarding Rates of Various Examination Fees
Citizen Charter, GGSIPU Approved by the Academic Council in its 53rd Meeting dated: 02-06-2022
Regulation of Inspection of Answer Sheet which was approved by the Board of Management of the University in its 55th Meeting held on 24th September, 2013
Rate of Various Examination Fees
Proforma of I-Card for Evaluators (Form: E-1)
Addition of New Specialisation (Forensic Physics) in M.Sc.(Forensic Science) w.e.f.2016-17
Express payment to external examiner / experts etc through issue of Cheque / Bank Transfer