ANUGOONJ 2018: University Cultural Festival

(8th to 10th Feb. 2018)

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Title/Notices Uploading Date
Notice regarding Topics for Just-minute 'English' 08-02-2018
Awareness / Sensitization Programme on Tobacco Control at 19th Annual Cultural Festival 'Anugoonj 2018' 07-02-2018
Anugoonj 2018- Topics 2018 07-02-2018
Important Instructions for entry of students in the campus of University during Anugoonj 2018 06-02-2018
Security Measures during Anugoonj 2018 06-02-2018
List for volunteers for events of Anugoonj 2018 05-02-2018
Anugoonj 2018 - Nomination of Sh. Sumant Sharma, USAP as member of Event Management Committee 05-02-2018
Anugoonj 2018- Schedule of various events 05-02-2018
Zone Wise results of Prelims round of various events of Anugoonj 2018 02-02-2018
Invitation for Anugoonj 2018 01-02-2018
Anugoonj 2018- USS Prelims Results 30-01-2018
Anugoonj 2018: Dr. Rakesh Kumar (USLLS) nominated as member of Stage Management Committee 24-01-2018
Meeting on 30-01-2018 for planning, organizing and executing the 19th Anugoonj Cultural Festival 24-01-2018
Anugoonj 2018: Anchoring Auditions 24-01-2018
Anugoonj USS Prelims Schedule 2018 23-01-2018
Anugoonj USS prelims topics 2018 22-01-2018
Digital Poster making competition for Publicity of Anugoonj 2018 22-01-2018
Hiring of choreographer for Anugoonj dance events 22-01-2018
Prelims for Anchoring 17-01-2018
USS Prelims for Anugoonj 2018 16-01-2018
Extension of date for sending entries for prelims of Affiliated Institutes 15-01-2018
Meeting of Zonal Coordinators for organizing prelims of Annual Cultural Festival Anugoonj 2018 on 15-01-2018 11-01-2018
Committee for planing, organizing and executing the 19th Annual Cultural Festival - Anugoonj 2018 05-12-2017
Instruction for organizing prelims Anugoonj 2018 27-12-17
Events at Glance 26-12-17
Zonal Wise List  26-12-17
Minutes of meeting of all representatives of the institutes for organizing prelims & final events of Anugoonj 2018 26-12-17
General Instructions for participation in various events 26-12-17
Notice Inviting Proposals for Sponsorship Anugoonj 2018 26-12-17
Format for submitting name of participants( winner & runner up of prelims) by the Zones to the University

1. For Institutes

2. For Zone