Directorate of International Affairs of the university is the nodal point for admissions of international students and facilitates promotion and consolidation of global academic and research collaborations at the level of faculty and students. Towards these goals, the directorate organizes various academic events aimed at furthering academic and research networks with international universities and institutions, as well as for promotion of socio-cultural and intellectual exchange environment. In addition, the Directorate also acts as a nodal point for university level collaborations with respect to international funding opportunities, scholarships, fellowships and other opportunities for the faculty and students of the University.

We have robust international linkages that are continuously nurtured through a range of activities in enriching the experience of students in general and international students in particular through cross-cultural interactions.

The cross cultural appreciation and experience is continuously enhanced by way of conferences, seminars, and webinars and many other activities in collaboration with organisations such as European Union, UNESCO, embassies and partner universities in India and Abroad.

Vision: To strengthen the global brand image of the university and create academic and research networking opportunities at international level

Mission: To attract international students from world over and create opportunities for the students and faculty to excel academically and professionally in the international arena.