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Title/Notices Uploading Date
Condolence Meeting at 3.00 pm on 14-05-2018 14-05-2018
tse 03-04-2018
Order- Transfer/ Posting of Officials 03-04-2018
Sh. S.K. Tanwar, Controller of Finance shall officiate as Registrar of University for the period of 29.03.2018 to 08.04.2018. 28-03-2018
Order-Transfer / Post of Official 27-03-2018
Guidelines regarding inventory items 26-03-2018
Order- Prof. Anubha Kaushik, USEM as the Director (International Affairs) 09-03-2018
Order- Prof. Kanwal D.P. Singh, Dean, USLLS as Incharge of Centre for Human Values and Ethics (CHVE) 09-03-2018
Final inter-se Seniority List of Faculty members, USBAS 28-02-2018
Sh. S.K. Tanwar, Controller of Finance shall act as Registrar of University till the Registrar resumes his office 26-02-2018
February 2018
January 2018
  Leave Application
Ο List of holidays - 2018   PDF
Ο List of holidays - 2017   PDF
Ο Circular regarding Child Care Leave --- PDF
Ο Circular regarding to grant of leave - PDF
Ο Application form for leave Form-1 : Application for Leave / for Extension of leave (Earned Leave, Commuted Leave, Half Pay Leave) PDF DOC
Form-2 : Application for Grant of Special Casual Leave PDF DOC
Form-3 : Application for Maternity / Paternity Leave PDF DOC
Form-4 : Application for Leave / for Extension of leave (E.O.L./ Study Leave/ Subbatical Leave/ Leave Not Due) PDF DOC
Form-5 : Joining Report after Availing Leave PDF -
Form-6 : Application for Casual Leave PDF DOC
Form: Child Care Leave PDF DOC
Ο Standard operational procedure to be followed for submitting applications for grant of Leave PDF DOC
Ο Delegation of Powers in Regard to Grant of Leave PDF DOC
Ο Various Forms (University Personnel Branch) - HTM